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nuestra-misionWe are an established company in continuous learning, which provides complete solutions of quality for our customers in the field of rubber injection. Also, we can provide the supply of subassemblies and finished assemblies via the investee of OARSOTEK, S.L.

We respond to the expectations of our customers regarding trust with our products and services, by focusing on quality and flexibility.

Actively seeking work in national and international projects that allow us to maintain a sustained and profitable growth, increasing RUBITEC’s brand value as synonymous of strength, quality and reliability. For this purpose, we have a team of professionals motivated and committed to the constant improvement of our organization.


nuestra-visionWe are a processing injection parts company, rubber and rubber-metal, covering a market of different industrial sectors.

We have become synonymous of quality by offering products and services with international standards, ensuring timely delivery and competitive prices.

We have a group of professionals working as a team with ethical and human values, oriented to satisfying our clients by becoming their best allies.

  • Respect workers: Recognizing the value of each person,
    nuestros-valoresdealing with dignity, consideration of their thoughts, beliefs and cooperation.
  • Commitment to individuals and legal matters: We are determined to comply with the guidelines of the company and committed to our contractual obligations and standards established by Corporate Social Responsibility guidelines.
  • Responsibility with suppliers and customers: Compliance with obligations with special care and attention on what is accepted and performed. Remain faithful to the goal of cooperation and transparency.
  • Environmental Warranty: compliance with environmental standards ISO 14000, minimizing waste and avoiding its impact on the environment.


rubitec-fabricaIn Rubitec, In Rubitec, coupled with our values and our philosophy, the company participates in Social Integration Oarsotek.
Oarsotek is a social insertion company whose production activity is focused on the deburring of rubber parts. We started out in January 2005 and received qualification as insertion company by the Basque Government. Our purpose is the employment of persons who have special difficulties in accessing the labor market.
Insertion companies are initiatives that facilitate access to training and regular labor market of disadvantaged groups. These are projects that combine business logic with a series of supportive interventions, monitoring and social support.
Oarsotek permite, a personas en situación o en riesgo de exclusión, adquirir un aprendizaje en un entorno laboral mediante una actividad económica.
La contratación de Oarsotek S.L. allows people in situation or at risk of exclusion, acquire learning in a working environment through economic activity.
To contract Oarsotek S.L. as an insertion company contributes to making the social commitment and to demonstrate the social responsibility of the companies that contract them, contributing to the social development of the territory and to generate a positive social impact.
The company is driven by the municipalities of our region through Oarsoaldea Development Agency and the City of Lezo and our company, Rubitec, S.A.
Oarsotek is a project, therefore, that combines public and private efforts to establish itself, as it has thus demonstrated in these years of operation, effective and strategic tool for action in the work insertion of disadvantaged groups mainly single women.


From the conviction that the work increases motivation and self-esteem of people in vulnerable situations and helps them develop personal and professional skills that allow them access to the labor market.
In Oarsotek we want to be an effective and strategic tool for action in the work insertion of disadvantaged groups.


Certification ISO/TS 16949:2009


Certification ISO 9001:2008



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